Grit Scooters Academy | Round Four 4Motion

The Fourth round of the Grit Scooters Academy saw the Grit team head to the North East of the country. The vast 4Motion skatepark in Darlington was to be the host and what a host is was. The park was packed, which is quite something when you see just how big the park is. 53 riders put there names down to take park which made it one of our top three biggest academy's ever! 

The Grit Scooters Team

With 10 qualification rounds to get through there was a lot of riding to witness, starting from the youngest riders working our way up to the eldest of the guys who were there. The riding was fast flowing and action packed throughout. Before we knew it we had finished the semis and we had our four finalists. Vin Emmerson, James Thomason, Jacob Dean and Isiah Samm's had all convinced the judges they were worthy which set up what would be one of the closest finals we have seen.


When it came down to it there was little between these four riders. Their ability, style and use of the park was pretty much matched. It was the flawless runs of James Dean that meant he was crowned the winner of this competition and became the latest edition to the 2016 Grit Scooters Academy team. 

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