The Bagpipes & Bangers Tour

So the dust has settled some what after all the craziness that we threw at Scotland and everything it threw back at us. The #bagpipesandbangers tour will go down in history as one of the sickest we have been involved with. You can catch the full round up of our stops at Unit 23 in Dumbarton, Factory in Dundee, Transgression in Edinburgh, Zone 74 in East Kilbride and Shred in Ayr right here! Enjoy the video, we loved the tour.




April 20, 2017 by Greenover Sports

Grit Scooters Academy Round 2 | Unit 23 Skatepark

The second round of this years Grit Academy marked the start of the bagpipes and bangers tour that would see the tour team hitting up Scotland's finest skateparks. It would be Unit 23 skatepark of Dumbarton that was to host the academy and its fair to say that there was alot of anticipation around it.



By the time it came to kicking off the competition hall 1 was rammed with spectators and nearly 30 riders ready to throw down for a spot on the team. The atmosphere was amazing with the crowd getting firmly behind a few of the parks local heroes. The qualifying rounds and semi finals lead to what would be an incredibly tight final between the last four riders. It truly was nail biting stuff! In the end through it would be Haydon Ferrari who managed to hold his nerve and became the second rider to join the 2017 Grit academy team. 


Final Result 

1. Haydon Ferrari

2. Mathew Brown

3. Conner Fette

5. Ronnie McLaod

April 18, 2017 by Grit Scooters UK