Grit Scooters Academy Round 3 | Unit3Sixty

Round 3 of the Grit Academy 2017 tour was to be held at Unit3Sixty in Stourbridge which boasts 22,000sq feed of ridable goodness, including a super flowy bowl and spacious street section, giving all of the riders who turned out, ample opportunity to shred all different kinds of ramps and rails.

The competition itself would be run in the main bowl area of the park and would start off in a jam format which would allow the judges to whittle down the almost 30 entrants to just 8 riders. These riders would then progress through to the semi-finals and get ever closer to the chance of winning a place on the Grit Academy team for an entire year!

It was immediate right from the get go that the riders at Unit3Sixty meant business. Bangers were stomped early on in the qualifying rounds, impressing the judges and showcasing just what grassroots talent the Grit Academy is all about.

After 5 ferocious heats, the judges had chosen 8 riders to go through to the semi-finals. This round was even more intense, with all of the riders upping their previous tricks and trying to land even more outrageous stunts. The crowd was going wild as air tricks were increasing in amplitude, flair combos were being pulled left right and centre and even pro level tricks, such as the nothing front scooter flip, were being pulled over Unit3Sixty’s jump box! 

As the semi-finals concluded, the judging panel of professional riders had a tough decision to make. With the competition level being incredibly high, it was difficult for them to choose only four riders to progress into the final round! After a few minutes of deliberating, they decided that Kieran Powell, Connor Lafferty, Jacob Quailey and Harri Dodd were deserving of the chance to ride in the finals, and compete against each other for the grand prize of £100 cash and a place on the Grit Academy team for an entire year!

Everyone had pushed themselves hard in the semi-finals, so a brief break was called in the competition for the riders, and the audience, to rehydrate, re-energise and otherwise recuperate themselves and prepare for the spectacle that was to be the final round of the third Grit Academy of 2017!

The finals kicked off in style, with each of the 4 finalists given two runs of 1 minute to prove themselves worthy of the Grit Academy sponsorship. As in the previous rounds, the competition was vicious, with each rider trying to outdo the next with increased height, style and amplitude! This time though, there was a sense of seriousness about the riders, as each of them could smell the distant scent of victory in the air. This meant that the runs were more refined and clean than their previous efforts, but this didn’t stop them sending banger after banger, wowing both the crowd, and the Grit Academy judges. Jacob was landing highly technical combos such as flair bar whips, Connor was showing off his incredible style with big boosted t-bog and tuck no hander airs, Harri was keeping back to back briflip and whip combos under control while Kieran threw some tricks not commonly seen in competition, with 360 double down whips and big, extend superman grabs being part of his trick list. Kieran even managed to roll away from a lawn dart front flip, unfortunately just outside of his allocated run time.

This made the final decision, yet again, difficult for the judging panel. Eventually though, they concluded that Jacob Quailey would clinch the win due to his incredible combo tricks and park style, earning him the much sought after prize of £100 and an entire years sponsorship on the Grit Academy team! Each of the 4 finalists performed extremely well, with Connor following closely in second place, and Kieran and Harri not far behind in third and fourth respectively.

With the prize giving over and done with, the riders congratulated each other on their performances and went off to continue the day of riding at Unit3Sixty, concluding the 3rd Grit Academy stop of 2017.

With such an amazing day consisting of epic riding, we can only look forward to the next stop on the Grit Academy 2017 tour, which will take us across the border to Wales, and Ramps Skatepark, Llanelli…


Final Result:

1st – Jacob Quailey

2nd – Connor Lafferty

3rd – Kieran Powell

4th – Harri Dodd

Words by: Ben Wilkinson

Grit Scooters Academy | Round Six Rush Skatepark

Last Saturday saw the final Grit Academy of the year take place at Rush skatepark in Stroud. Round six of our amateur competition was an absolute banger. With the likes of ISA world number one Jordan Clark, Devon Low, Lewie Robinson, Chloe Whitworth and Charlie Lawlor from the Grit Scooter team in the building it was set to be a huge day. 
The riding was a fast and furious during the whole competition, everybody rode with such passion and determination. Young bucks Reece Ford and Alfie Mann put in extra special performances in their strong groups to get through to the semis. 
Reece Ford sending a huge Backflip over the box
Oscar Crowther seemed to be a no brainer for making the final four but his consistency let him down during the semi finals. In the bigger picture  this will be only a minor set back for Oscar, keep your eyes on this guy because we see him exploding into the scene soon. 
Once again we were seeing Isiah Samms in a Grit Academy final. The only question was could he finally land that top spot. In the end none of the other riders could match Isiah's consistency with the high level of tricks he was preforming throughout both his runs. 
It would have made for a real fairy tale ending if he could have stuck the 540 flair he chose to throw down for his final tricks. Unfortunately though the days riding had clearly taken his toll. All that was left to do was to crown our last and latest edition to the Grit Scooters Academy team of 2016.
The Gritmas party continued untill late in the night with mini competitions all over the park for prizes and mad sessions popping up every where. Thank you to everyone who turned up on the day!

The #frenchflairtour

Grit Scooters UK and Crisp Scooters UK riders Hugo Falconnat, Devon Low, James Power and Lewis Williams combined forces for the 2016 French Flair Tour. The Four day French tour started at skatepark de dunkerque before a evening signing at Nord riding. Day two was spent riding the streets of Dunkerque before hitting up skatepark de calais. Day three saw the team hit up skatepark de bruay before a shop signing at la cabane de la glisse. The final day was spent shredding at halle de glisse in Lille for the OZFLIP scooter contest. Each tour stop was full of bangers with some of the most insane riding we have ever seen. Spot prizes were thrown out left right and centre to those who threw down the hardest. Massive thanks to all the skateparks involved and of course to every rider that came along!


December 01, 2016 by Grit Scooters UK

The #EasternJamzTour

Grit Scooters UK and Crisp Scooters UK riders Jordan Clark, Jamie Addison, Kieran O'Reilly, Kian Daniels, Lewie Robsinon and Lewis Williams combined forces for the 2016 Eastern Jamz Tour. Starting off at Legacy XS in Benfleet for Round 5 of the Grit Scooters Academy, the tour then hit up Revolution Skatepark in Broadstairs for Day 2 followed by Empire Skatepark for Day 3. Day 4 saw them head to Area 25 in Ipswich before lastly hitting up Charge Unit in Norwich for stop 5. Each tour stop was full of bangers with some of the most insane riding we have ever seen. Spot prizes were thrown out left right and centre to those who threw down the hardest. Massive thanks to all the skateparks involved and of course to every rider that came along!

Grit Scooters Academy | Round Five Legacy XS

Well wasn't round 5 of the Grit Scooters Academy an eventful one. Despite 3 riders needing medical attention and ambulances to leave the park by the end of the day it was still a very fun day.  There was a large turn out at Legacy XS but sadly not that many who wanted to compete. Due to this, the actual competition was short and sweet and in the end it was Henry Bodenn who came out on top with some killer runs that left the judges with no choice but to name him the winner. It was just a shame he was one of the 3 riders that needed medical attention and having to leave the building. Welcome to the team Henry and we hope you get back riding soon!


Demo Day | The Works Skatepark

After what was a high successful academy event at 4Motion skatepark in Darlington on Saturday we found ourselves at the Works Skatepark in leeds the next day for a more laid back demo day. It may had been a early start for us to get to Leeds in time for the 10am start but the team were full of beans upon arrival.

Grit Scooters Academy | Round Four 4Motion

The Fourth round of the Grit Scooters Academy saw the Grit team head to the North East of the country. The vast 4Motion skatepark in Darlington was to be the host and what a host is was. The park was packed, which is quite something when you see just how big the park is. 53 riders put there names down to take park which made it one of our top three biggest academy's ever! 

The Grit Scooters Team

With 10 qualification rounds to get through there was a lot of riding to witness, starting from the youngest riders working our way up to the eldest of the guys who were there. The riding was fast flowing and action packed throughout. Before we knew it we had finished the semis and we had our four finalists. Vin Emmerson, James Thomason, Jacob Dean and Isiah Samm's had all convinced the judges they were worthy which set up what would be one of the closest finals we have seen.


When it came down to it there was little between these four riders. Their ability, style and use of the park was pretty much matched. It was the flawless runs of James Dean that meant he was crowned the winner of this competition and became the latest edition to the 2016 Grit Scooters Academy team. 

Kian Daniels | Keepin' it local

Grit Scooters UK Academy rider Kian Daniels has just dropped his latest edit titled 'keepin it local'. Filmed mostly down his local outdoor Kian shows just how much he has processed since being part of the Grit Academy Team. Credit - Charlie Barge

July 29, 2016 by Grit Scooters UK

Grit Scooters Academy | Round 3 Zone 74

The Round round of the Grit Scooters Academy saw the nation wide tour stop at the only Scottish park of the tour, Zone 74. The attendance for the stop was huge and that was reflected well in those who stood up to compete. It was a very relaxed academy for once, everyone was enjoying the qualification rounds. That came to an end in the final when all four riders who made it through realised just what was on offer. In the end it was Kane Stewart who came through with a huge bag of tricks and and great flow which saw him utilise every inch of the park.

1. Kane Stewart 
2. Ross Murray
3. Connor Fetts
4. Shaun Kerry

Jacob Kennedy | 2016 Edit


Grit Scooters UK flow rider Jacob Kennedy has just put together this 2016 edit with the help of MattHawkesProjects (Matthew Hawkes). Filmed at his local Skatepark Override in South Shields Jacob shows us how much he has progressed working alongside his shop sponsor. We have no doubt that Jacob will be hitting the competition scene hard this year so watch out for him! 

April 18, 2016 by Grit Scooters UK