Rampage Launch Ramp Bridge


Brand Rampage

The Rampage large launch ramp connecting bridge is specifically designed to connect two Rampage large launch ramps, to make one large 3metre length launch, take off and landing platform. 


  • Connect the Rampage bridge to two large Ramage launch ramps in seconds without the use of tools (Rampage large launch ramps sold separately). 
  • The Rampage large bridge measures 33cm (H) x 71cm (W) and 98cm (L). 3 metres in length when connected to large Rampage launch ramps. 
  • Manufactured with high impact polyethene, resistant to both extremes of heat and cold temperatures. Maximum weight load 100 kg including equipment.
  • Suitable for use with BMX’s, skateboards, skates, scooters & remote controlled cars (RC's)
  • The bridge includes non-slip grip pads for added surface adhesion.